Selection Process
Initially, information about the various companies, products, services, projects is collected from small-big towns, cities of various states through the help of National Education and Human Resources Development Organisation as well as council for Economic Growth and Research National Charitable Trust or the desirous respondents/ persons are asked to fill in the necessary information. Local sources are used in the process. The response/ feedback of the
consumers is also included in the selection process. The launching of website for the selection process by consumers is under consideration. The size of list of various regional brands in every state is different. There after their reliability is checked and every brand is seperately scruitinised through the marketing proffessionals of the institution and Executive Member Advisory Board and the selected Quality Brands are properly honoured.
For primary judging your entry form will be taken as base. Your marks will be determined from the entry
form and the information given, hence it is important to fill up your from completely and follow the admission guidelines and criteria.
The received entry forms will be identified and their completeness will be checked/confirmed. For
determining the nominations in each category the preliminary judges will evaluate the entry forms on the basis of pre-decided prescribed evaluation criteria.
The decision of this short-listing will be final and binding on all participants.
The nominees will be contacted for giving information about final round.
If any entry form in a category is not found eligible for award, the juries or award management will have
discretion to cancel it. The internal juries can decide that any entry form is not proper for award and the decision of juries will be binding on all participants.
  Site Visit
The business with innovative performance in each category in each state and territory will go heard to
the selection process. If at this stage your business is successfully ahead in the process, then you will be communicated on telephone for making arrangements for site visit. The financial status of your business will be audited by taking information from your accountant.
If your business is selected for any of the categories of awards then you will be asked to participate in site
visit. This visit will be arranged as per the suitable timings for your business and convenience of juries. Juries will ask some questions at this time. The visit will be of two hours when you may make presentation about your business and management. If you are nominated for more than one category, then combined visit will be arranged for both.
  Public Poll
For the nominees in each award category, public poll will be accepted. This poll will be conducted online
as well as through television or print media. The result of poll will be secrete and will not be opened to anyone. If public poll is not possible, the award management will cancel the poll in its discretion or will continue the process as deemed fit.
  Announcement of participants in final round
After site visit the participants/nominees in the final round will be announced from each state and territory.
The winners will be announced in the award dinner programme to be organised by the institution. Detail
  information in this regard will be communicated further.
For determination of winner, the nominees from each category will be handed over to the final juries. For
selecting final winner from each category, the opinion of juries and public poll are consolida and listed on the basis of criteria prescribed by award management. The decision of juries will be final and binding on all the participants.
The participants should understand and accept that only participation in award process does not entitle
  them to have any right to win the award.
For maintaining the standard of awards high the juries can decide that for a specific category no one
  could become the winner.