Rules & Regulations
The companies, organisations or industries registered and located in India doing business for minimum
  three years can apply. It is necessary for the desirous businesses to fill up the enclosed form for registration or the application can be filled in on www.qualitybrandsindia.com
The companies, organisations or industries doing business for at least 3 years will only be eligible for
  applying (Except only those business which have applied for start up of Business awards ) The rights to grant permission for participation are reserved with the award management. The employees of award management and sponsorers and their relatives, convicted persons for any crime, the persons not being the citizens of India will not be eligible to participate. The award management can increase, amend or cancel the categories of awards in its discretion. As per the review taken by internal and external juries and award management the criteria of evaluation can be changed.
It is necessary to fill in the entry form and submit in time with Quality Brands. The forms submitted after due
  date will be permitted only with the discretion of award management. The award management will not be responsible for forms not submitted properly, incomplete question here and those will be made ineligible for awards. The applications in English only will be accepted. If small industries/businesses do not participate for any reason the rights to nominate some businesses/ organisations for each category are reserved with the award management.
The award management has rights to audit /confirm the information and ask for proof about the details
  given in entry form. After such request, if participant does not give consent then that participant can be made eligible for award.
The information received will be confidential and except for the process of determining winner for the award,
  it will not be used for any other purpose.
If the information provided by any participant is found to be false, that participant will not be allowed to
  participate in further process of award.
After award distribution ceremony if the information given by participant is found to be false, that participant
  will have to return the said award along with financial, non-financial incentives received if any.
  Other important issues
In all the matters decision of award management will be final and binding on all nominees / Persons or
  business as well as any correspondence in that regard will not be entertained.
The nominees as well as winners can use their name and factual information about their participation in
  media free of cost.
The company will not be responsible for any claims/ disputer of participants, nominees or winners in regard
  to awards.
The company reserver the rights to cancel or change these conditions and it will not be responsible for any
  damages or loss caused to any person or institution participating or trying to participate in award process.
The company is not and cannot be responsible for discontinuation or cancellation of award. The company or
  its contractors cannot be held responsible for the matters beyond reach of their control. The company has discretion to increase, reduce or a mend these rules and the company can reduce, increase or a mend the before or after awards.
For all the disputer a rising in regard to awards the laws/acts in India will be applicable and will be subject
  to the jurisdiction of courts in Mumbai (India).
The participants, nominees and winners accept/agree that they will not cause any harm to the company,
  and sponsorers, their employees, officers, contractors or other person and indemnify the company from all claims with or without ground, possible damage claims, loss, expenses etc. filed by any third person.
If the participants face any doubt or difficulty about rules of awards or any other things, then they can send
  their problems, difficulties, doubts on following address.
Efforts will be taken to follow the schedule of national seminar as well as award distribution ceremony.
  However for any unexpected reason or due to any situation beyond the control of award management committee, the schedule/time table can be changed.