About Quality Brands India
Quality Brands India presents most prestigious awards for micro, small and medium industries in the country. The awards aim at honouring and felicitating successful and innovative businessmen and suppliers who have made great contributions for the development of micro, small and medium industries in India.
How the winners will be benefited by the awards
Quality Brands are most prestigious awards which recognise the business concepts of micro, small and medium industries. Due to these awards, the exchange of success stories of other upcoming businessmen is possible as well as great stock of information data is made available for use.
The first edition of the 'Quality Brand Times' was published in August, 2009. There are innummelable consumer products and services in the small towns/cities of various states which are not properly known by the public. The basic objective of the Quality Brand Times publication is to select these immensly qualititive products/brands and by giving them due honour, reach
them to the public. For this, by selecting proper regional brands, the first issue of Quaity Brands is being published. The important policy of the Quality Brands is to refuse the brands not selected in the process of obtaining Quality Brands status and the another is the strict selection process conducted in the market of these products. While selecting the brands; the sale, profit, efficient marketing, market capitalisation, the board of directors, social responsibilities shared by the institution, etc.,issues are considered. While selecting the quality brands, the regional products in respective states are given preference. Imagine, what will happen, if
any one does not get his farourite tea, newspaper. He will become very restless of course, the brands in use do not remain only brands but be come a habit, Brands are very human. If they are neglected, they will become dry, weak and if kept working, they will become fresh. Brands are very delicate in nature, so they are easily hurt and fall down. It is always necessary to keep them standing. It is
necessary to keep our memories fresh in the market in which field theses brands are used. From this, it is clear that, it is very necessary for the parentsof brands to know the atmosphere and response in the market with researchers view and nature and to keep them moving always. In India there are various brands on regional level, however they are hidden in the brands ascended on the throne. Such brands reveal the truth, cultivate the relations and increase affection. The brands which go beyond the mere use. They are tied with the customers with emotional bonds means there are so many business brands on regional level which are quality brands but they do not get proper publicity. However, there are some brands which are included in the
category of consumer as well as business both, for example tourism, college, school, banks, drama and movie production etc. Which do not reach to the public properly many a times. Such regional brands are selected and the Quality Brands properly honour them. The Brand value of the quality Brands own is to provide scope for the excellence of quality brands and to be committed towards the proper honour of proper quality brands